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New Film Invites Us to Really Know the Blessed Virgin Mary

Posted : Jun-23-2021

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Dr. Josephine Lombardi is a faculty member at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Toronto. She recently released, “The First Lady and Her Successors,” a film that explores the many ways that the Blessed Mother Mary can guide us today. She discussed this new film below. 

1. What was the inspiration for the film?

All Christians know Mary of Nazareth is the mother of Jesus. Depending on their upbringing or catechetical background, Catholics and other Christians may not know a lot about her life or role in salvation history. The inspiration for the film was my desire for all people to know Mary of Nazareth with greater intimacy, using Scripture as the starting point.

2. What is the film about?

The film is about the life of Mary, beginning with the Book of Genesis and ending with the Book of Revelation. We journey with Mary as we reflect on mysteries, events, words and actions associated with her earthly life. Accompanying us along the way, we have the stories of nine amazing women, sharing how their own life experiences help them understand and relate to Mary’s journey.

3. Is the film just for women?

No. Many men – including lay, religious and clergy – have watched it, sharing how the film touched them very deeply, giving them a greater insight into the life of Mary and the experiences of women. Some have shared how the insights they gained will influence the way they pray the rosary and preach.

4. Is the film just for Catholics?

No. The focus of the film is Mary in Sacred Scripture. Although Marian dogmas are implied throughout, the focus is the life of Mary as found in the Bible.

5. What is your hope for the film?

My hope is men and women will find Mary more accessible, relating to her life journey, knowing, with God’s grace, they can be like her.

To watch the full film for free, visit Dr. Josephine Lombardi’s website.   
To watch a trailer of “The First Lady and Her Successor,” please click here.